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We are a provider of cutting-edge NFTs and is operated by a top-notch group of experts in blockchain, digital art and web3.

The next-generation NFT leader, focused on game-related assets in new ways, believes in the power of NFTs to motivate ground-breaking media experiences, create game-changing new value from digital assets, inspire novel engagement between artists and fans, and open up channels between businesses and their customers.


Foxiverse NFT Collection

Let’s all dive deep into the powerful metaverse! Foxiverse is here to revolutionize!

Foxiverse is an unknown island in the unexplored ocean of the metaverse world. A digital place that portrays and allows you to interact with your mind’s fictional and serial universe. You can play and live in a world that is both real and virtual at the same time, all while having a direct impact on the physical world.

You can purchase one of the 4810 available lands (NFT) and become a premium actor, which grants access to all game features, such as exclusive Foxiverse VIP club member rewards, also can earn rewards by holding the NFT, and having a special VIP avatar in the game.


Skidoo NFT Collection

SKIDOO is a beautifully designed Greek mythology action battle game that is more than just entertainment. It’s the Greek story of the origin of existence, and depending on how you look at it, it could be a sibling rivalry epic or a story of divine unity. You will ultimately decide how the story should end.

There are 26 characters in the game. Every character has their individual skills and contributes to the development of their nation. Players may change characters as they want to. You can choose between the characters, their skills and weapons as well.